From the University of Rijeka Strategy 2014–2020:

The University of Rijeka will organize Lifelong Learning Programmes and establish institutional structure for their implementation.

Lifelong Learning Programmes will be open to persons of all ages, particularly third age people (“University of the Third Age”), so as to enable continuous education and personal development of every individual.

Lifelong Learning Programmes will undergo accreditation procedures and will be subjected to the same quality standards as University study programmes. This will enable accumulation of credits through Lifelong Learning Programmes and their use for build-up and development of an academic and qualifications profile.

The University of Rijeka will establish institutional structure for accreditation of previous non-formal and informal learning. Lifelong Learning Programmes will be an integral part of regular activities of University employees.

Activities of the Lifelong Learning Office:

  • administrating the university Lifelong Learning Programme evaluation system
  • developing an accreditation system for previous learning
  • establishing and developing collaboration with public and private partners
  • facilitating and promoting lifelong learning at the University